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Enabling the workforce with smart glasses
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“The smart glasses market is real and tangible for enterprises”

The smart glasses market is no longer a hazy, futuristic idea.  Its impact is very real and tangible for many enterprises -- from aircraft manufacturers to call centers.  How far-reaching?  Forrester reports:

  • By 2025 — 8% of all US workers will use smart glasses in their jobs
  • In two years — 2.6 million workers in the US will be equipped with smart glasses
  • Through 2025 — more than $30 billion will be spent on smart glasses hardware

There's a lot to know at this early stage in the market. Whether you employ maintenance workers or aircraft mechanics, APX Labs is uniquely positioned to help.

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What the new Forrester Report says about APX Labs:

  • APX was rated as the "largest and most prominent of a group of companies providing smart glasses applications…"
  • "GE's aviation engineers use APX Labs' Skylight software and smart glasses to power real-time, first-person collaboration."
  • "Boeing engineers use smart glasses with software from APX Labs to gain hands-free access to engineering specifications and assembly instructions in real time."
  • APX Labs "offers applications to empower workflows like complex assembly, maintenance, material handling, and field service. Its applications work across hardware platforms while also integrating into Salesforce to summon real-time CRM data; it also integrates with various other back-end systems."

Is your enterprise destined to use these devices to drive productivity, quality, and worker satisfaction? Download the Forrester Report and Forecast: "How Enterprise Smart Glasses Will Drive Workforce Enablement." Highlights include:

  • Top 10 jobs best suited for smart glasses – key job roles
  • Top vendors for smart glass pilot program – hardware and software
  • How to use Proof of Concept to operationalize your smart glasses strategy

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