Commodity Risk Management: Making “Procureasury” the New Priority for Corporate Treasuries

by Robert Ford, OpenLink Financial LLC

Faced with significant earnings volatility, corporate Treasuries that have traditionally shied away from commodity risk management can no longer afford to do so.

Recent earnings releases clearly demonstrate that commodity risk exposures are having a profound impact on companies’ bottom lines in a variety of sectors. Simple hedging strategies can be beneficial, but to be truly effective, hedging decisions should be made within the context of a firm-wide, holistic approach to risk management.

Request your copy of this white paper that examines some of the challenges facing Treasury practitioners and provides essential guidance on how to take hedging and risk management to the next level including:

Changing attitudes among corporate Treasury groups

  • A "thoughtful" approach to hedging risk
  • The power of integrated risk management
  • Taking control of commodity hedging – the expanding role for corporate Treasuries in managing financial exposures


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