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Get your FREE Weak Password Finder Tool for Active Directory now!

Weak passwords make it easy for hackers to get inside your network

Right now, some of your users are likely using weak passwords to access emails, browse the internet, run videos, listen to audio/music, and more.

Find weak passwords and correct them before hackers can exploit them!

Thycotic makes it simple:  No cost. No agents. No hassle.

Get your FREE Weak Password Finder Tool from Thycotic to quickly and easily identify the riskiest passwords among your Active Directory users:

  • Save hours of effort by discovering weak passwords and associated risks in minutes.
  • Get reports to help you find and change weak passwords.
  • You can re-run the Weak Password Finder at any time to identify password risks and confirm changes to stronger passwords.
  • Weak passwords are detected for any users in Active Directory, including passwords for service accounts and privileged accounts.
  • Passwords can be detected and analyzed for any Active Directory account, including Domain Admin accounts, end user accounts, service accounts

The Thycotic Weak Password Finder Tool can be run on a single or multiple Domains. The tool uses more than 1.5 million common passwords from publicly available lists to determine “weak” passwords, and you can quickly add your own weak passwords in a text file.

The Weak Password Finder Tool is simple and secure.  Passwords are never recorded or exposed, and sensitive information is never stored.

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