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Jay Callicott, VP of Technical Operations

Preston So, Principal Product Manager


Rain + GatsbyJS: Fast-Tracking to Drupal 8

Introducing Rain -- the power behind many of Mediacurrent's successful Drupal projects. This open source installation profile can help put your best content forward.

In this webinar learn how to set up the Rain installation, connect our Gatsby starter, and deploy to Netlify.

What is Rain?

Rain is a group of prepackaged, pre-configured components vetted by our development team and sourced from the open source community, so that web teams can create, configure, and deploy websites faster with the flexibility to align with your organization's unique needs.

Challenges Rain + Gatsby.js Solve:

  • Getting Projects to Market Faster
  • Data Security
  • Improved Editorial Experience
  • Maintain Brand Consistency
May 21, 2019 10am PST | 1pm EST Your Desk!


Meet the speakers:

As a Mediacurrent developer, Jay Callicott has spent over a decade bringing Drupal projects of all scopes and sizes to reality. He co-created the Rain Install Profile to build on Drupal core’s lego-like configurability. It gives web teams a head start to meet their goals with Drupal by bringing fast speed-to-market, lock-tight data security, and enhanced editorial UX from the get-go.

Preston So, Principal Product Manager at Gatsby, is the author of Decoupled Drupal in Practice (Apress, 2018) and a world-renowned expert on the subject. 

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