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WHY SKK GSB WHY SKK GSB? No.1 in Korea & Top 82th World wide

SKK GSB offers world-class MBA programs in Korea and has earned a global reputation as the best MBA School in Korea for the quality of its MBA education and faculty research.

Kelley SKK GSB Dual Degree Fellowship

The students selected for this prestigious award will pursue the dual degree by spending the second MBA year at Kelley School of Business after studying at SKK GSB’s Full-Time MBA program for a year.

Qualification & requirement

  • - TOEFL iBT 100, IELTS 7.0 or higher
  • - Minimum two years of professional work experience
  • - Must maintain a GPA of 3.75 or higher at SKK GSB
  • - GMAT or GRE are encouraged
  • - All applicants must submit the scholarship application form and recommendation letter

Fellowship Feathres

  • - First-year tuition waiver at SKK GSB
  • - Dual Degree Program with Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business Full-Time MBA Program

Partnership with top business school

SKK GSB is providing Study Abroad Program and Dual Degree Program with the most prestigious business schools around the world.

Class Profile

Every year, students with potential are selected from more than 12 countries, and approximately 50% of incoming students are comprised of international students.

Gender Averge Work Experience international Student
Male 44%
Female 56%
5.4 years 68%
Age (Average:30) under 25 14%
25~29 46%
30~34 19%
35~39 14%
over 40 6%



You can customize your MBA journey by selecting from four tracks/specializations (Business Analytics, Finance, Marketing, and Management) and enrolling in specific courses that align with your interests.


Dual Degree Program

Study Abroad Program

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SKK GSB Full-time MBA Alumni Stories

MBA is a process of creating a better future by using deep thought about career path and future

Myounghee Kang (class of 2013, finda)

The MBA isn't all that made me who I am today, but I think that I steadily pursued becoming the person I am today through the MBA course. I enjoy challenges and growth, but above all, I wanted to live a life where I could immerse myself in what is meaningful to me. By embarking on the MBA and completing the marketing track, I developed in my professional field while exploring opportunities to gain relevant experience through networking with classmates, seniors, and juniors. After graduating with an MBA, I did marketing consulting at a consulting firm, and later served as CMO at The Booth, a craft beer brand, and at Playlist, a content company, expanding my marketing domain through branding. Now, as Head of Marketing at Finda, I lead the growth team, branding team, and marketing design team. MBA is a process of creating a better future by using deep thought about career path and future, and using various stimuli through networking, as well as professional education during mathematics, and the guidance of world-class professors. Thinking that ‘everything will be all right because I passed the MBA and came all this way’ cannot lead to a real transformation. Starting with the MBA, I hope you will lead yourself closer to your ultimate life goal by actively utilizing the courses and networks. I want you to imagine the experiences and career goals you want in SKK GSB as concretely as possible, and to create opportunities to gain as many experiences, memories, and contacts as possible beyond your imagination.

Youngjae Lee (Class of 2015, CEO of K Enter Holdings)

Youngjae Lee, an alumnus of SKK GSB Full-Time MBA Class of 2015, who is the CEO of K Enter Holdings, has announced his plans to list the company on the Nasdaq market. The company, valued at 800 billion Korean won, will merge with Global Star, a U.S.-based special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), and is expected to be listed on the Nasdaq market in December. Upon completion of the merger process, the company aims to leverage its intellectual property (IP) assets by pursuing new business opportunities.

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