Officials and Public Health Experts on Kinsa's Early Warning System

Kinsa has built an early warning system to detect and respond to contagious illness. Through a network of millions of smart thermometers and a school health program - FLUency - Kinsa tracks the spread of illness in schools & communities and forecasts future outbreaks.

“[M]any of our schools…will have the tools to catch the signs of COVID-19 swiftly and accurately."

LaToya Cantrell
City of New Orleans 

“This...will help us detect and respond to outbreaks earlier and more efficiently.”

Jared Polis
State of Colorado

"Real-time fever data could speed up public health the way Twitter sped up the news cycle.”

Nirav Shah, MD, MPH
Former Health Commissioner
State of New York

"This is very, very exciting… this is 21st-century disease surveillance, and we’ve been rooted in the mid-20th century with something very labor intensive.”

William Schaffner, MD
Professor of Preventive Medicine
Vanderbilt University

“When you’re dealing with the beginning of a novel pandemic, you have no data ...Kinsa was one of the first to have something that remotely approached a leading indicator.”

Andy Slavitt
Former Acting Administrator
Centers for Medicare + Medicaid Services

"If this tells you where there are new major clusters of fever, it tells you where to swoop in with your test kits.”

Peter J. Hotez, MD, PhD
Dean, National School of Tropical Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine

Educators & School Nurse Organizations on FLUency

"CSNO is proud to have helped raise awareness of the FLUency school health program as a resource for school nurses in our state."

Pamela Kahn

California School Nurses Organization


We must find illness hotspots earlier so we can take action before they grow out of control -- that's why Idaho’s educators, administrators, and school board members recommend using a network of smart thermometers. This is  a commitment to our most vulnerable citizens.

Layne McInelly
Idaho Education Association


I have seen first-hand how this program works and believe that this has been an effective tool not only for our local school community but others across Washington State in helping to track and prevent the spread of illnesses.

Liz Pray
School Nurse Organization of Washington


Policy Expert and Congressional Support for Early Warning


Congress should fund a national system of early detection using smart thermometers that provide warnings of outbreaks faster than testing.

Read the Report
United States Congress

Bipartisan letter to Congressional leadership calling for an early warning system.

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