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The Prior Prime Member

When written off debt goes from loss to opportunity

When written off debt goes from loss to opportunity

Despite the economic improvements over the last couple of years, there are people who are still suffering from the backlash of the recession. Due to financial hardships some people may have turned to alternative solutions to keep their head above water and ended up backing themselves in a corner. The question is, who are these people and can we count them as a loss or an opportunity?

Who Are Prior Prime Members?

The prior prime member is a borrower who has suffered a life-changing event that put them in a position where they are unable to pay back borrowed funds. They may have lost their job or incurred a large medical expense and their debt was written off as a result. With this “life event” acting as a catalyst, the borrower’s credit score starts to deteriorate and they may turn to payday loans or other forms of short term loans to barely scrape by. Prior prime members aren’t bad people; only people who need help earning back their good credit.

Loss or Opportunity?

Long after prior prime members have fallen off the grid and collection departments are no longer working on their account, the negative impact of the past event will eventually start to minimize. At this stage the borrower can begin the process of rebuilding everything they lost. That is the moment when the prior prime member goes from loss to opportunity. Here at CU Revest we identify these prior primes and help to get them back on your radar and back in good standing.

About the Author

With three decades of experience, Mike Hales, is the Director of Strategic Partnerships with CU Revest, LLC.   Mr. Hales holds a Juris Doctor degree from Lincoln University in San Francisco and is a graduate of  the University of Georgia.

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