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Strativity Group – Passion, Expertise and Execution

The people at Strativity are united by passion and guided by a proprietary integrated methodology to unleash exceptional performance with employees and customers.  With experience at leading organizations such as Bain, Deloitte, EY, Ipsos, Bulgari and HP, Strativity brings world-class experience combined with a focus on measurable results. 

We measure success by a single word: Execution.

Strativity has had the privilege of working with exceptional brands such as Mercedes-Benz, MasterCard, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Walmart, New York Times, FedEx, Clinton Foundation, American Management Association, SAP, Wyeth, Honeywell and Johnson & Johnson. 

With over 160 completed projects in 21 countries impacting over 250 million customers and 400,000 employees, Strativity is ready to face your challenge.
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