The Versatility Factor


“SOCIAL STYLE has helped the company’s teams work more efficiently together, and has given managers the knowledge to better lead. SOCIAL STYLE training has become a key aspect of our success and why we continue to incorporate it into the company culture.”

— Janice Aull, Performance Improvement Facilitator


“Interpersonal skills are a critical skill for effective managers and a prerequisite for success. SOCIAL STYLE directly addresses the issues and struggles that managers face every day.”

— Manager of Performance Improvement, U.S.-based independent oil and gas producer

“SOCIAL STYLE Training has already helped our organization’s culture immensely. The training helped us to understand our peers, especially those of a different SOCIAL STYLE than our own. We now have a clearer understanding of people’s intentions behind their actions and the program has already helped cross departmental interactions.”

— Susan Agel, Positive Tomorrows President

“Understanding each individual’s SOCIAL STYLE and the implications that has for how we interact with one another on a daily basis is essential to building that united team and achieving our mission. The training provided us with the knowledge needed to understand, in concrete terms, how our behaviors will be perceived by others based on their Style, and in turn, how we can better connect.”  

— Katie Linn, Director of Instruction and Curriculum, University Prep


Receive a Free Book:

As an attendee at the recent SOCIAL STYLE session, we invite you to receive a free copy of The Versatility Factor. 

Do you have a strategy for developing strong and significant relationships in your professional and personal life? Do you know how your SOCIAL STYLE impacts your communication, sales skills, ability to negotiate, and influence on others? 

The Versatility Factor reveals strategies to help entrepreneurs, sales professionals and other business leaders to build high-performing relationships with investors, employees, clients and everyone you work with to grow your business.


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