SiliCycle COVID-19 Statement

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Scavenger Success Stories

Interested in sharing your scavenging application as one of our customer success stories?

To get started, please answer the questions below to help us better understand your experience with our scavengers. Afterwards, a member of our team will contact you to get more information if needed and send over a first draft of your Case Study for you to review plus provide any feedback. Once you are satisfied and have approved the final draft, we will then share it for other customers to learn!

For every qualifying submission, receive a free 100g SiliaMetS sample of your choice from DMT (R79030B-100G), Thiol (R51030B-100G) or Triamine (R48030B-100G). Includes free shipping worldwide. Taxes and duties not included if outside Canada or the United States.

For all the following questions, bullet point is fine and the more details the better! However don't worry if you don't have everything right away, if we require any more information or clarification a member of our team will reach out.