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Welcome to the PABCO Gypsum Virtual Learning Center. 
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The course will cover the following topics:
Sound & Humans - Why understanding sound-related phenomena is important to humans and the building industry.

Sound Fundamentals - An introduction to the fundamentals of how sound works and why you should care.

Noise in Buildings - Learn how the properties of sound react within buildings and its perception to occupants, and resulting consequences.

Noise Treatment - Gain an understanding of new ways of treating sound transmission in buildings and employing the right methods for your situation.


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This course will focus on the challenges associated with designing sound isolating partitions using steel framing. 

  • The various sounds and noises in life that impact the health and welfare of humans
  • Review of sound transmission class ratings to better determine acceptable levels of noise and examine common techniques used to isolate noise
  • Detail various options for designing partitions, why those details matter in achieving desired results and how to communicate those options clearly in the designs
  • Benefits of incorporating constrained layer damped gypsum panels to enhance performance
  • Flanking and simple design driven mitigation techniques


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This course is for contractors who are looking to achieve sound control cost effectively. It will include a discussion about QuietRock® and the benefits contractors will enjoy by using the products to achieve the desired acoustic results. 

  • The QuietRock® Advantage
  • How QuietRock® Works
  • The Quiet® System
  • QuietRock® Products and Use Cases
    • Product features,
    • Intended uses, and
    • Performance expectations
  • Economic Comparison—between the QuietRock® solution and other wall assemblies
  • Tools to make your job easier


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This course is an introduction to the QuietRock® product family.

  • Product Overview—features, intended uses and performance expectations
    • QuietRock Panels
    • QuietRock Accessory Products
  • Economic Comparison—between the QuietRock solution and other wall assemblies


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Credits: N/A

Credits: N/A

Request an in-person or virtual lunch and learn session for your firm 

  • Firms of all sizes welcome within the continental United States
  • Pick from several 1 LU and .5 LU courses
    • Sound, You and the Modern Built Environment (1 Hour)
    • Sound of Silence on Steel Framing (1 Hour)
    • Getting Quiet on Steel Framing (30 min)
    • How to use the GA-600 Design Manual (30 min)
    • QuietRock Product Knowledge (No Credit)
    • Efficient Sound Control for Contractors (No Credit)

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