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Don’t let PEX shortages hold you back. Make the switch to FlowGuard Gold®. 

A FlowGuard Gold CPVC System is a cost-effective replacement for PEX. See how to make the switch today with the full support of our team. 

Save money on materials, labor and installation with FlowGuard Gold CPVC. 

“FlowGuard Gold CPVC allows us to keep our prices low and stay competitive in the market. The cost benefit of PEX just isn’t there. It would cost several hundred more per house.” – Bryan Berning, Cristo Homes, West Chester, Ohio

CPVC installs 17% faster than PEX according to a study. 

FlowGuard Gold CPVC doesn’t require proprietary or special tools.

Training is available for subcontractors interested in switching.

FlowGuard Gold CPVC is eligible for rebates, earning you more cash back.

Make the switch to FlowGuard Gold CPVC and increase your HomeSphere rebate. 

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