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Your Simple, Comprehensive Solution for Infection Control 


Every LTC facility and Assisted Living community is at risk for a Coronavirus outbreak.  And with this risk, surveyors have been directed to focus on Infection Control Practices and Preparedness.  Polaris Group, the LTC industry expert, brings you the expertise, assessment tools, monitoring protocols, and partnerships you need to feel confident in knowing you’re delivering the very best in care during this critical time.


In response to our current national health crisis, Polaris Group, the
national leader in LTC Facility consulting, staffing, and training, is now

We offer short-term placements to address YOUR community's critical
needs - for a few weeks or for a few months.

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Polaris Group is the Long-Term Care (LTC) industry
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Polaris Group and Preferred Podiatry Group, two of the nation's leading consulting and service providers
to the LTC Facility industry, have partnered during this challenging time to offer critical services to Long
Term Care Providers.

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1. Review of your Full Infection Control Program and Emergency Plan

Polaris Group Ongoing Support for Infection Control

Reduces risk immediately within facility
Increases safety of all residents and improves patient outcomes
Brings you into compliance with what CDC is 100% focusing on
Prepares you for upcoming infection control surveys
Provides clarity on what to do, who should do it, and when
Prepares you for future infection control policies moving forward

2.  Create your action plan to ensure all proper components are in place, and program is effective and prepared for an outbreak if occurs. (develop robust response plan to an COVID-19 or any other similar outbreak)
3.  Perform the CMS and CDC recommended Risk Assessment which is a detailed review of all aspects of a successful infection control program response plan to an COVID-19 or any other similar outbreak)
4.  Help with implementation of compliant infection control program including help with specific activities to a) prepare, b) respond, or c) report signs of illness/infection including for COVID-19.
5.  Review or aid with implementing an Antibiotic Stewardship program response plan to an COVID-19 or any other similar outbreak

Lab Testing and Prevention
•  Regular patient respiratory screenings for compliance under CDC infection control program policies
•  Lab partnerships
•  Recognizes and manages infections proactively and enacts containment policies
(Available Shortly)

Maintaining Antibiotic Stewardship Program
•  Review monthly antibiotic reports
•  Review and recommendations for ongoing effectiveness of compliant Antibiotic Stewardship Program


Maintain Compliance
•  Dedicated Infection Prevention Expert available to support on-site staff and review data and antibiotic reports and participate in QA meetings
•  Hotline access to expert RNs
•  Ongoing support is just a call or visit away