For years, Bring Your Own Bag has offered a wide range of products that have gone down as “fan favourites” amongst our proud customers, none more popular than The Original Collapsible Box. So that got us thinking… how can we take something great, and make it greater? For you, and your customers?

That thought led us to this… the BYOB Zipper Lid Collapsible Box!

If you’re a fan of The Original and Thermal Collapsible Box, then you’re going to love this new option (and so will your customers). Typically, our Thermal Collapsible Boxes come with a lid closure made from Velcro. However, for a more secure seal, we’ve been hard at work to create an upgraded version that closes with a durable zipper closure, ensuring that what’s inside, stays inside.


The New Zipper-Lid Collapsible Box

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It’s also comes with a high performance thermal lining that’s great for locking in the hot or cold temperatures that will help keep your customer’s food fresh for hours on end.

The Zipper Lid Collapsible Box is also available in a non-thermal option as well, transforming our standard boxes into an even better option for carrying, travel, and home storage. And like our traditional boxes, both options easily fold flat to save space when not in use.


And don’t forget, our Original and Thermal Collapsible Boxes contain ZERO cardboard! Our boxes are made from a blended polypropylene resin that is 70% virgin plastic and 30% post-industrial plastic. So not only are you helping your customers with their grocery and storage needs, but these boxes will help shrink your business’ ecological footprint too.

So what are you waiting for?