PLASTIC WASTE COLLECTION: Plastic waste is collected 0-50 KM from shore, actively diverting them from ending up in the ocean. They are then taken to a local recycling depot for sorting.

PLASTICS SORTED & RECYCLED: After the plastics are sorted, they are recycled into GRS Certified RPET Pellets that are free from contamination.

RPET FIBERS ARE MADE: RPET Pellets are then made into durable fibers, ready to be sewn into usable items.

REUSABLE BAGS ARE MADE: RPET Fibers are then carefully sewn into reusable bags (AKA, our OceanTote) than can be custom branded and designed to fit your brand requirements.

New to BYOB, a fully customizable program for bags made of
Recycled Ocean-bound Plastic.

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THE ALL-NEW OceanTote!

Since 2005, Bring Your Own Bag™ has helped retailers around the globe by providing reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional plastic bag. Together with our partners around the world, we strive to reduce costs while increasing efficiency and improving sustainable practices on a global scale. And in 2022, we’re taking that to the next level.

Over 8 million tonnes of plastic flow into our oceans every year, with 80% of that, coming from land. Why is this such an issue? Single-use plastics don't break down completely. They photo-degrade, becoming micro plastics that absorb toxins and pollute the environment.

Thanks to our partnership with Oceanworks, we’ve developed a game-changing solution, the OceanTote. How does it work? Ocean-bound plastic is collected 0-50KM from coastline, recycled and used to create the OceanTote, a BYOB first. Turn the tides on ocean pollution today!