What’s more, like many of our items, these bags are available in both Private Label or National Brand options, so you can include a custom label on them with your own branding for a more personal touch in your storefront.

The 100% polyester mesh construction of our BYOB Produce Bags make washing and storing produce incredibly easy for shoppers. And as if you need any more motivation to go reusable with your produce bags, using these helps to support sustainable practices. There’s no denying that our reusable bags are far more practical than single-use plastic produce bags!



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The BYOB Reusable Produce Bag is the perfect fit for all your customers’ fruits & vegetables that come home from the grocery store or market. These bags are highly durable, portable, machine-washable, and even feature a stylish drawstring, making them a go-to alternative to traditional single-use produce bags that can be both flimsy and harmful to the environment. Your shoppers will love them!

When developing the BYOB Produce Bag, one of our largest objectives was to create a product focused around the concept of reusability. We all know that once shoppers bring home their groceries, many single-use plastic bags end up in the trash never to be used again. At BYOB, we manufacture high quality bags like our Produce Bags and many others that don’t break­down or wear as quickly as other industry solutions. In our eyes, the more you can get out of our products, the better it is for you and the environment.