As the reusable bag industry has evolved and the needs of our environment have changed, so has BYOB. Our full line of shopping bags, collapsible boxes and more are offered in tons of reusable options that can be fully customized. Rest assured, we don’t just make your run-of-the-mill polypropylene bags. At BYOB, the world is your oyster.

We take pride in committing to offering our customer with as many manufacturing options as possible when it comes to our wide range of products. As far as we’re concerned, the more options we can provide you with, the better. We want to give you with the ability to utilize many different fabric options in your reusable bag program, while investing in bags that are more environmentally sustainable over the long term. Whether you are selling reusable bags in your storefront, or are using them as promotional items for your latest event, BYOB has the right bag to fit what you’re looking for.



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Polypropylene is the traditional way to go, as it’s both lightweight and sturdy, and perfect for carrying loads of groceries from the store to the car to the front door. But nowadays, we’ve taken environmental sustainability to the next level with bags made from RPET (Recycled Pop Bottles) and PCR (Post Consumer Recycled Materials). These bags are made from recycled materials, which helps us to limit how much virgin plastic is used in the manufacturing of our bags. It’s also great for the end user, as it helps you tell a story about your own journey towards sustainability.

Durable and strong fabric options such as Organic Cotton, Natural Canvas, and Jute are also available. These provide a rugged yet trendy look to your bags, and provide an abundance of added value for the customers purchasing them at your check-outs. And don’t forget about paper! We have paper options available as well for those looking for an alternative to the traditional single-use plastic bag.


Speaking of single-use plastics, our latest innovation seeks to scrap the need for single-use plastic bags altogether. Our new and revolutionary T-Shirt bags, made from thin gauge non-woven polypropylene, are the perfect solution to your check-out needs. Held together by robust ultrasonic welded seams, it’s the ideal quick and easy bag to provide to your customers at a low price point, encouraging them to bring it back next time they swing by your shop.

At the end of the day, BYOB has bags for all occasions in a near-endless amount of fabric options. And our incredibly talented graphics team can help make your creative marketing vision a reality. From reusable totes and bins, to a wide range of thermal carriers and boxes that can be fully customized, BYOB offers a complete package that not only helps you, but helps the planet too. To learn more about the many reusable bag and merchandising options available right here at BYOB, visit our website at BRINGYOUROWNBAG.COM


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