Swift Provider Referral Program

Nothing resonates more than a referral from a trusted peer.  In our quest to establish Swift as the gold standard for wart treatment in the US, we are turning to our Swift Community to help spread the word.  If you know of any providers that you think would benefit from incorporating Swift into their practice, we are asking you for an endorsement and approval to reach out to them directly.  For any referrals that result in the acquisition of a Swift System, we are offering either a $1,000 Practice Marketing Credit or a $1,000 credit towards your next purchase of Swift Applicator Tips.  (*There is a cap of 5 credits per individual). 


*This referral will also give the prospect 1 x Free box of Swift Applicator Tips upon system acquisition - A little gift from a friend!



Sample Email that we will send to the individuals listed: 

"Hi Dr. [insert last name], It's Pete Turnbull writing from Saorsa re: Swift Microwave Therapy for Warts.  Your name and contact details were provided by Dr. [insert last name] as they felt you and your patients might benefit from incorporating Swift into your practice.  Below and attached is some initial information re: clinical and commercial impact - Please do have a look and let us know if interested in exploring further.  We appreciate the consideration and we look forward to connecting"