Clinical Lab Best PracticesA Practical Guide to Acing Your Next Inspection

We’ve teamed up with experienced CAP auditor, Joslyn Pribble, to help clinical labs navigate CAP and COLA/CMS/CLIA requirements. Through a series of webinars and blog posts, we’re aiming to provide you with lab best practices so you can ace your next audit!

Watch the first webinar in our new series to:

  • Understand basic principles of Best Laboratory Practices
  • Identify the most common deficiencies cited during inspections
  • Name the six major categories in which best laboratory practices can be applied for better outcomes
  • Apply best practices in order to ace your next inspection

During the webinar, Pribble provides CAP and CMS requirements, best practices, and case studies for each topic below:

  • Consumables
  • Monitoring and Recording Function Checks
  • Manufacturer’s Instructions/Quality Control
  • Documentation
  • Procedures
  • Proficiency, Training and Competency
  • Inspection Readiness

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