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The world of high performance is constantly evolving.

It’s no longer enough to be an expert in your own specialism, you need to see beyond your usual horizons if you want to take your organisations further. Things won’t be going back to the way they were and if you’re slow and inflexible, you’re going to fall behind.

But if you’re willing to challenge thinking around what it takes to win. If you’re motivated to lift standards and aspirations, you’ll not only raise your game, you’ll raise the game.

Keep the world of high performance at your fingertips.

The demand on high performance environments to manage time and resource efficiently will continue to increase and knowing where to quickly find insight you can trust, will become even more important.

  • Leaders Intelligence Hub - Original thinking that will test your limits anywhere, anytime through daily articles, reports, videos and podcasts.
  • Leaders Performance Journal - Takes a diverse look at the world of high performance, providing unique perspectives and problem solving that makes you think differently.
  • Leaders Special Reports - Focused insight needed to stay ahead of the curve, with comprehensive and up to date intelligence in each copy.

It’s not just about who you know, it’s about what they know.

You’ll need to access the best minds in high performance if you want to continue to find the most exclusive, alternative and diverse insights to take your organisations further.

  • Leaders Connect - For elite leaders who are searching for a spark but don’t know exactly what they’re looking for, Leaders Connect provides members personal introductions to elite performance professionals within the network.
  • Leaders Performance Communities - Exclusive access to job function groups to challenge conventional thinking and raise the bar in your chosen field. 

Knowledge Sharing
Share and learn from peer experience.

To see beyond your usual horizons, you’ll need to see beyond your usual experiences. 

Share and learn from peer experience and gather insight that you can take away and implement.

  • Leaders Virtual Roundtables - Plug into the collective knowledge of your peers to boost performance via 60-minute structured and themed online discussions every month.
  • Leaders Think Tank - Harnessing the power of the world’s elite through exclusive, confidential and structured group discussions as part of our global events series.

Explore ideas that will push your thinking further through our global event series.

To keep pace with an ever-changing high performance landscape, you will need to search for ideas across sports and continents to find alternative and diverse insights you can act on.

  • Leaders Meet - Intimate, themed and structured virtual and in-person events that enable you to network and share knowledge and best practice around a specific high performance topic.
  • Leaders Performance Summit - Bringing the world of high performance closer together in world class venues to share diverse knowledge, inspiration and best practice, covering every aspect of high performance.

Who’s in the Community?

It’s a really positive organisation. An opportunity to meet like-minded individuals from different sports, different areas of interest and expertise and compare experiences. Christian Horner Team Principal | Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

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