Best Practices for Grading in the Buzz Agilix LMS

Tuesday, October 13th
6pm EDT

As former teachers at eDL, we know grading can be one of those tasks that are time-consuming. But what if it didn't have to be? What if grading in a virtual environment could be centralized, organized, and efficient?

In addition to the automatic recording of built-in, auto-graded quizzes, eDL's teacher-friendly grading capabilities of turned-in assignments can be just as streamlined.

Learn best practices on the gradebook and Activity Grader that provides teachers a:

  • Customizable gradebook with a look-and-feel you're used to
  • Highly versatile form of reviewing, annotating, and grading assignments
  • Tool that supports flexible feedback on assignments
  • Private assignment notes option that is only visible to you (A great use to document IEP and 504 Plan accommodations.)

Grading doesn't have to be a time-consuming chore. Let us share how easy it is to use the Buzz Agilix grading features to make reviewing and documenting grades efficient and effective for both you and your students!

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