Utilizing the New Literacy Toolbar and Translations Feature in Your Online Course

Tuesday, September 29th
6pm EDT

Our classes are composed of diverse literacy needs. But supporting the various needs of students in remote learning environments can be challenging.

How do you provide your ELL, LD, dyslexic, and other student populations with the literacy support they need when not in a physical classroom? How do you keep all students engaged in understanding complex vocabulary often found in career-ready courses?

Our new, point-of-use, and student-friendly, literacy support toolbar is the resource that keeps students learning and engaged - and decreases student frustration and disconnect caused by literacy barriers.

Learn how the new literacy support toolbar offers:

  • Text translation into 97 languages
  • Text-to-Speech (read aloud)
  • Dictionary /Pictionary
  • Screen masking
  • Highlighting
  • Note-taking

Join us to learn how to decrease student discontent and increase student confidence!

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