Advertising and Marketing in Today't Mortgage Market

Presented by Mortgage Builder® and Bodman PLC

Mortgage Builder and Bodman PLC are pleased to bring you this free  two part webinar program on the topic of Advertising and Marketing in Today's Mortgage Market.  Join us as Howard Lax and Melissa Bridges, Members at Bodman PLC, review some of the regulations surrounding marketing in today's mortgage space.  

Topics covered in part 1 of the program include:

  • CFPB mortgage advertising practices rule (Regulation N) and FTC endorsement guidelines
  • TILA advertising rules and disclosure requirement for advertisements
  • Spotting compliance errors

 Topics covered in part 2 of the program include:

  • RESPA restrictions on affinity relationships and agreements with referral sources
  • FCC rules on calls, faxes and email
  • Fair Lending issues

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