With the digital age continuing to drastically shape the way companies perform day to day business, it seems that everyone is transitioning from a paper-based approach in exchange for an electronic model, and for good reason. Paper processes, unknown to most, are costing companies thousands of dollars per month, disrupting collaboration between their employees and bottlenecking operations. Having everything stored electronically has made updating documents, storing files and maintaining records easier, cheaper and more secure than ever before.

Listen to our webinar "Close Loans Faster and Cheaper: What Paper and Spreadsheets are Costing You" as Kaytie Smith, Lead Trainer at Mortgage Builder talks about going paperless with your Loan Origination System.  Topics include:

  • The hidden costs of operating and maintaining a paper-based loan process
  • Compliance and security risks you face in a paper environment
  • How collaboration, efficiency and operations will improve when switching to a LOS
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