SafetyLine Lone Worker presents:

Real Risks of Home Visits

A free and exclusive webinar for home care workers

Available until the end of February! Plenty of sessions available for your schedule.

Hosted by Heather Eastman

This webinar series is only being offered until the end of February. Make sure you secure your position now!

Do you manage home care workers? It's almost impossible to ignore the daily risks care workers face when making home visits.

We've created this webinar in order to assist care workers and healthcare non-profits by providing information about the inherent risks of visiting a client's home, and how to overcome those risks.

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Understanding Risks

To properly handle the potential risks that wait inside inside clients' homes, care workers need to understand what they could be facing. We provide information about what workers should be aware of in order to best protect them.

Safe Working Strategies

Understanding the risks of working alone is only half the battle. To stay safe, workers must know how to handle themselves and their environment. We provide key strategies for safely entering client homes, as well as advice for handling aggressive or agitated clients.

Preventing Violence

Violence against care workers is a growing problem in the industry. While no one is immune to violence, being armed with the knowledge to diffuse a hazardous situation can mean the difference between life and death.

How to Recognize Hazards Before They Happen

The key to practicing safe work habits is identifying any and all risks before they ever pose a threat. We teach you how to identify these risks and what to do about them.



Heather Eastman

Director of Sales and Business Development - SafetyLine Lone Worker

Heather Eastman is SafetyLine's director of sales and business development. Formally working as an occupational therapist in her community, she formerly worked as an occupational therapist in her community. Heather is no stranger to home visits. She has first-hand experience in dealing with the risks home care workers face every day.

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To say thanks for signing up, we'll provide you with a digital copy of our newest E-book "Buyer's Guide to Work Alone Safety Technology". In this e-book, we outline the types of current Lone Worker technology and how to choose between them.

Work more safely

A worker armed with the knowledge to properly handle their work environment is capable of working more safely and is less likely to be injured on the job. The knowledge you'll gain from this webinar will help you on your way to a safer workplace.

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Your questions answered

When you enroll in this webinar series, you'll be given the opportunity to ask questions to the webinar presenter, Heather Eastman. She is incredibly knowledgeable on the challenges care workers face, and is happy to help.

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