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Promotes Elasticity and Boosts Skin Resilience
Natural citrus-derived ingredient promoting elastin fiber formation to preserve skin elasticity and firmness

Naturally derived from citrus

IFSCC Virtual Congress in October 2020


Pro-Aging Cream with Glucosyl Naringin

There are 2 types of formulations here. These formulations contain a natural citrus derived ingredient, Glucosyl Naringin. This polyphenol promotes elastin network formation, and thus, preserves your skin from sagging, loss of elasticity and wrinkle appearance.  
Type B contains natural thickener which is a non-ionic water thickener COSMOS approved.


Naringin is a type of citrus-derived flavonoid that demonstrates a variety of promising effects.
At the same time, the low water solubility of naringin has made the ingredient a challenge to use in cosmetics.
NAGASE Group, HAYASHIBARA has developed Glucosyl Naringin, which combines naringin with glucose for significantly improved water solubility.
With this development, it has made possible the use  of naringin in a variety of applications as a new plant-derived functional cosmetics ingredient.
NAGASE Personal Care just launched Glucosyl Naringin in March 2020. It is an anti-aging cosmetic ingredient that promotes the production of elastin, an extracellular matrix protein involved in the maintenance of skin elasticity and the formation of elastin fiber.
New formulation sheet, 'Pro-Aging Cream with Glucosyl Naringin' is now available here.
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Type A
Type B

Glucosyl Naringin

Glucosyl Naringin Boosts Skin Wellness Naturally by Enhancing Elasticity and Firmness with Fruit-Based Polyphenol.

Normal skin fibroblasts were cultured with/without Glucosyl Naringin, and stained by anti-elastin antibody.
NAGASE Personal Care presented new information on the effects of the novel ingredient Glucosyl Naringin on skin elasticity.
Elastin Fibers   Microscope Image
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