Duration: 4 Days, 16 hours total divided into two, two-hour sessions per day

The Series 793 Software with Hands-on Exercises class will discuss and demonstrate fundamentals of servohydraulic system operation.  The class will provide remote access to an MTS PC. Students will operate Station Manager for a variety of performance expectations using the concepts they have learned.

Course Topics

- System overview and component definitions
- User interface definitions
- Sensor monitoring
- Control mode behavior and command definitions
- P-gain tuning and waveshapes
- Calibration file management
- Zeroing a signal and recognizing its consequences
- Limits and Actions
- Electronic circuit identification
- Adding new sensor signals and calculations
- I-gain tuning, Force control stiffness, Compensator discussion
- Basic TestWare data acquisition

Hands-On Lab Exercises

- Start Station Manager, set Limits and Actions, Tune P-gain control modes
- Offset/Zero a sensor signal and recognize the consequences
- Add and adjust extra sensor signals
- Tune square waves, Force control I-gain, sine wave Compensators
- Basic TestWare design and data acquisition


Technology Requirements

For this course, students will need an Internet connection of 10Mbps or higher, the ability to listen to audio (headphones with a mic are recommended), and a recent version of an Internet browser. For remote access to PC, we recommend using as large a monitor as available.


Students should have some operator experience with their system prior to attending.

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