3 Day Course

This course lays the foundation of how to use MTS new RPC Connect software package for data validation, analysis, lab simulations and durability test setup. The course is intended to help RPC Pro users to transition to using RPC Connect. The course discusses 6 steps of RPC testing using Connect along with some of the commonly used tools. Training devotes less time to simulation theory and more to Connect application training to help user make the seamless transition from Pro to Connect.

The course is geared towards users with some experience with Pro, and the difficulty level can be considered between the Basic and Advanced courses. It will cover some of the advanced topics commonly used, but a user should attend the RPC Connect Advanced course for learning much more complex testing methods.

Who Should Attend

Experienced engineers, test operators or technicians with some related RPC test experience. The course will provide the training necessary to allow simulation operators to understand simulation process in Connect and make the transition from Pro to Connect. New users with no past RPC experience are recommended to attend the RPC Connect Basic course.


Students should have some experience prior to attending this course in using the MTS 793 and RPC Pro applications along with a working knowledge of the current Microsoft operating system. All prerequisites are the students’ responsibility.

Learning Objectives

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