3 Day Course

This is a basic course on MTS TestSuite TW Express (twx) and TW Elite (twe) software. The course starts with basic terminology, frame operation and test-run fundamentals, and then covers other subjects such as modifying tests and customizing the test workflow.  

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for those who use MTS TestSuite TW software to run and modify tests, create/edit test report templates, and modify work flow.


Students must have some hands-on experience with their system, and have a good working knowledge of computers prior to attending. All prerequisites are the responsibility of the student.

Learning Objectives

The students will become familiar with basic material testing terms and principles, and learn how to operate the frame, perform shunt cal verification, select and run a test, tag and recalculate data, add and configure meters, and run test reports. The students will also learn how to modify a test procedure, edit test parameters, create variables and calculated variables, define user roles, create report templates, and manage hardware resources.

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