3 Day Course

This is a basic course that covers the use of MTS Elastomer Test Systems using digital controllers with Series 793 Software. 

Who Should Attend

This course is targeted for engineers new to elastomer testing using MTS controllers with Series 793 software, whether they are new to the test lab or they are just setting up a test system. For more advanced topics that address your specific testing needs, contact MTS about consulting services.


Students must have a thorough understanding of Series 793 software including PID tuning, signal offsets, and limit settings. For those who are new to the MTS controllers with Series 793 software, MTS strongly recommends attending either the MTS Hardware Concepts and Series 793 Software course or the MTS Series 793 Software with MultiPurpose TestWare (MPT) Test Design course prior to taking the Elastomer Applications class. All prerequisites are the responsibilities of the student.

Learning Objectives

Training includes an overview of viscoelastic theory, test system setup, and operation with practical test examples and data analysis as it pertains to tests available with the MTS Model 793.31 Dynamic Characterization and Model 793.33 Static Deflection software. Test setup, execution, and analysis are covered through classroom lectures and laboratory exercises. Note: This course does not include the ElastomerExpress™ Application.

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