2 Day Course

In this course, your instructor presents the principles for fatigue-correlated durability testing of ground vehicles and their components using servohydraulic laboratory test equipment. You examine the choices required when designing a durability test, from vehicle instrumentation and data collection through test rig design and test excitation.

Who Should Attend

The course is excellent training for test or design engineers and technicians who require an understanding of modern simulation testing methods. It should be especially useful for engineers who are planning new test facilities, or who must regularly request testing services from other departments. It will be helpful for experienced test engineers and technicians who are looking to fill gaps in their understanding, and for lab managers and technicians who desire a broader understanding of test design.


A technical degree or equivalent background in test applications is preferred.

Learning Objectives

The course includes an introduction to fatigue analysis methodologies applicable to durability test data editing, test correlation, and evaluation. Numerous test examples and problem-solution scenarios are included. Particular emphasis is given to the design of fatigue tests for ground vehicle structures and components subjected to variable amplitude loading. Test rig design is introduced in this course. A more rigorous, detailed approach to design is provided in another MTS course called Test Rig Design.

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