3 Day Course

This course provides you with the fundamentals of damper testing and the use of the MTS Damper Test Software to execute tests in your laboratory.

Who Should Attend

This course is targeted at damper system operators, test engineers, and laboratory managers. If you have an MTS damper test system running under Windows operating software and would like to learn how to get the maximum return from your organization’s testing efforts, this course is for you.


Students should have some test experience prior to attending this course. For students new to servohydraulic testing, we suggest attending the Series 793 Software Operation course prior to taking this class. Students should also have a working knowledge of the Windows operating system and its graphical interface.

Learning Objectives

Your trainer will review current testing techniques used in damper test laboratories and emerging techniques for characterizing dampers. To get a feel for the damper test machines and their appropriate use, a few hours are spent discussing test machine design. Considerable time is dedicated to test system software setup, test execution, and analysis. Many examples are used, both in the classroom and in live demonstrations which are discussed at length. Plenty of time is built in for questions and student-requested example tests.

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