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AIMed Australia 2020 

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AIMed Australia 2020

Learning opportunities in AI in Medicine

After a successful launch of AIMed Australia on 12-13 November, 2019 plans are now in place to host AIMed 2020.  The summit in 2019 featured a selection of high profile speakers all with the common goal to propel AI adoption in Australian Healthcare, some of the speakers included:

Dr Zoran Bolevich, Chief Executive and Chief Information Officer, eHealth NSW

Dr Martin Than, Director of Research, Christchurch Hospital Emergency Department

Dr Anthony Chang, MD, MPH, MS, MBA Chairman & Founder and Chief Intelligence and Innovation OfficerAIMed and CHOC Children’s Hospital of Orange County

Prof. Antonio Di leva, MD, PhD, FRACS, Consultant Neurosurgeon - Head of the Computational NeuroSurgery (CNS) Lab, Macquarie University

Dr George Margelis, Independent chair, Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council

Dr Ian Opperman, Chief Data Scientist and CEO, NSW Data Analytics Centre

    AIMed Australia 2020 Key learning objectives:

    AIMed Australia Summit 2020 will continue to build a community of AI in medicine champions through

    • Education modules of AI for clinicians and non-clinicians at our 2020 summit
    • Networking events between clinicians, government leaders, technologists and alliances who have the ability to propel change 
    • Quarterly magazine on AI in Medicine from a global perspective
    • AI in Medicine free educational webinars

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