In 2018 we accurately predicted 6 of the 7 states that would join Nevada in offering sports betting. Our industry experts have now made their predictions for 2019 in our new report – take a look here. 

In the report you will discover: 

  • The 13 states GamblingCompliance predicts to approve sports betting in our Bull-Case Scenario 
  • A timeline of key legislative deadlines and events over the next 6 months 
  • 6 legal and lobbying obstacles that could cloud progress in various states in the upcoming year 

From overarching market forecasts to an analysis of 2019’s biggest lobbying battle, our report highlights what you should watch out for to make the most of this year’s opportunities. Download your report now:

GamblingCompliance's 2019 U.S. Sports Betting Outlook

2019 is set to be a huge year for U.S. sports betting, with as many as 13 states projected to pass legislation and market revenue to grow to $648M. We expect big changes – so we’ve created a report to set the scene for what will be another transformational year for the industry.

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  • Access to an updated spreadsheet of U.S. sports betting partnerships.
  • Data reports for each state with lawful wagering.
  • In-depth Q&As comparing states' sports wagering regimes.

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