Back to the Future: Scenario Planning with Agility

Join us for this live webinar masterclass to learn how to move from contingency planning to continuously evolving adaptable plans.


11am ET / 5pm CET

In today’s world of fast-paced change and uncertainty, we are having to change our organization’s yearly plans like never before and this is putting pressure on us as leaders to find a more agile way to plan and execute adjusting to the new information. 

In this live webinar masterclass with Fran Cherny, we will invite you to think differently about scenario planning and open yourselves to the opportunities this can bring you in this fast changing world.



-Practice and learn how to plan in a fast changing world

-Create alignment and clarity in your organization or team that will drive coordinated and coherent action

-Learn how to help your team move from anxiety and uncertainty to take action in a coordinated way 



You will be invited to participate in this interactive webinar and also ask questions. Stay tuned!

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Fran is Axialent’s managing director and founding member. For more than 10 years, Fran has led global and regional change strategies with clients such as AXA, BSH, Procter & Gamble, AstraZeneca and Microsoft among others. In the past 3 months he has been supporting leaders around the globe learn how to align their teams to execute with agility and effectiveness in a fast changing virtual world.

Fran Cherny