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As the world has turned upside down for the foreseeable future, the team at Coleman Insights has been engaged in conversations with our clients about how to navigate the new landscape…Read More 

All the way back on March 17th, we tweeted about a new billboard campaign our client in Edmonton, K-97, launched. Since then, brand after brand is getting in on the action....Read More

While Pop remains the best-performing genre, the award for “most improved” goes to Country. Country titles have gone from 12% of the Top 100 in the original Contemporary Music SuperStudy to 23% of the Top 100 in Contemporary Music SuperStudy 2..…Read More

2. The Marketing of Social Distancing

By: Jay Nachlis


3. Contemporary Music Trends:
Country Is Up

By: John Boyne


1. How to Connect With Your Audience in a Crisis

By: The Coleman Insights consultant team


My favorite marketing book of all-time is “Focus: The Future of Your Company Depends on It” by strategist Al Ries, and one of the most important lessons in the book involves one simple question. What’s your word? Consumers make product decisions on words, not visuals...Read More

4. What's Your Word?

By: Jon Coleman


5. The Seven Deadly Sins of (Non) Strategic Thinking 

By: Sam Milkman


We consider ourselves fortunate to work with some of the most strategic minds in the audio entertainment space. But even the most seasoned strategists fall into the trap of what we call “Inside Thinking”—when you get too close to the product for your own good and are unable to see it through the lens of your customers.…Read More