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This Fall marks 10 years since Arbitron rolled out the Portable People Meter™ (PPM™) to the top 10 markets in the United States, following initial tests in Houston and Philadelphia (markets 11-50 rolled out in 2009 and 2010.) A year after the rollout was complete, I wrote “Top Ten Things to Do as a New…Read More 

In theory, if you turn on an Adult Contemporary radio station in 2018, you should be hearing a healthy dose of 90s music. If you graduated high school in 1995, for example, you would be around 41 today—right in the wheelhouse of the 25-54 demographic. But of the major eras played on most Adult Contemporary…Read More

Trader Joe’s has a distinct and defined image in a very crowded, competitive grocery space. While most grocery market chains struggle to eke out very small margins, Trader Joe’s profits soar. How do they do it? Let me count the ways. IT’S FUN. A grocery store? Fun? It’s true, it’s hard not to smile in …Read More

2. The 90s Music Research Conundrum

By: John Boyne


3. The Branding Genius Of Trader Joe’s

By: Sam Milkman


1. 10 PPM Tips for Program Directors: 10 Years Later

By: Jon Coleman