Covid19: Supporting Our Customers

Diabsolut License-free FSM Technician Safety Accelerators*


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In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Diabsolut is offering safety related FSM Accelerator options, free of any licensing fees, in order to help ClickSoftware customers with several of the challenges they are currently facing during this time. In addition, we will be offering a 50% discount on all other accelerator license costs.  To view our full suite of FSM accelerators, click here
These apps are designed to help streamline the utility of your FSM solution and help increase the safety of your field technicians.  They are being offered as “out of the box” only, any configuration costs are still applicable.

Working Alone Timer - Provides a field resource a mechanism for informing dispatch through the ClickMobile client application that they are about to engage in a high-risk activity for a specified period of time. If at the end of that specified period of time the field service resource has not returned to the ClickMobile application and indicated the activity is complete or extended, the Dispatch group receives a panic notification that the resource has not checked in.


Technician safety accelerator options

Technician Safety (Check-in / Check-out) - Allow technician to log the start and end of their shift and will capture intra-day activity within configurable intervals. The accelerator will alert Supervisors and Dispatchers if a person is late with their Check-In or missing via automated monitoring agents.

Send Email Action - Adds capability to send an outbound email within ClickSchedule based upon configurable criteria.   

Capacity Reservation - Clearer visibility and improved management of resource capacity.

Tool Tips - Eliminates user error by helping technicians know how the field is used.

Duplicate NA - Simple duplication of non-availability assignments for multiple users.    

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Capacity Limits Wizard - Improves visibility and control of your resources by simplifying the management of capacity limits.

Auto Fill Engineer Properties - Enables you to designate properties of the field engineer that are automatically copied into other objects. In this way, you can save the engineer onsite time from having to set these properties manually.

Panic Alert - Provides a field resource a quick, easy and reliable mechanism for notifying the Dispatch center that an emergency situation has arisen and immediate assistance is required.

System Alert - Provides configurable business-related pop-up alert conditions and the ability to display the alerts in real-time within the ClickSchedule client application.

Diabsolut’s primary focus is to help our customers through these challenging times and provide the tools to keep their technicians healthy and safe.  We are still working remotely, diligently and efficiently. We have also been working with some of our customers on updating their business continuity and recovery plans.  Please do not hesitate to ask how we can help you in any way.

*Some conditions apply:

  • Only applicable to ClickSoftware 8.3 version
  • Offer is only for perpetual license fee. Charges for effort to configure, document and test are still applicable.
  • Incremental effort to customize any accelerator may be billable (assessed on a case by case basis)
  • Source code will not be provided

Contact us before May 31st  to take advantage of this offer!