Healthcare Hackers Webinar

Whether you are a residential care or long-term care community, agency or a medical facility, you are the number one target for hackers according to the FBI. Why? Hackers daily seek vulnerabilities in healthcare communities where patient information is easily accessible for hackers to steal and profit from stolen identities.  Take action today to protect patient information from cyber-attacks by healthcare hackers.

Learn how you can put into place procedures and affordable technology that will have hackers look for easier targets. The same technology will help you with HIPAA and PCI compliance and help you prepare for disaster recovery.

Our expert panel of speakers will share:

  • Examples of medical breaches, how they happened, and how to avoid them
  • The technology and procedures to keep you and your organization safe
  • How to use free open-source solutions to keep deployment costs low
  • How cyber-security helps with HIPAA and other regulatory compliance efforts

Join us on Tuesday, December 12th at Noon, EST, for this informative webinar and hear from experts and customers who have successfully implemented cybersecurity to defend and protect patient health information.  Listen and learn more in the webinar trailer video below. View video in Full Screen








Dr. Kendall Brune  

Senior Executive, AnthemUSA




Gerald Caussade  

CEO, HIPAA Complete



Montez Fitzpatrick  

Director of Information Security and Compliance 

Keystone Technologies, LLC


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