BaroShear K45 Processing System



  • Instantly create shelf stable nanoemulsions of CBD oil in Water

  • Increase bioavailability for absorption with superior solubility

  • Preserve CBD product integrity by relying on physics vs. chemistry

  • Destroy harmful pathogens and spoilage organisms

Oil and Water DO Mix
Efficient Preparation of High Quality, Water-Soluble, Nanoemulsions of CBD Oil

The BaroShear K45 Processing System utilizes Pressure Biosciences Inc.'s proprietary Ultra Shear Technology™ (UST™) to produce nanoscale mixtures (i.e. nanoemulsions) of otherwise immiscible fluids - such as CBD oil in water.

Our unique Ultra Shear Technology Platform uses ultra-high pressure and intense shear forces to break oil drops into millions of ultra-small (nano) oil droplets that are highly water soluble for infusion into beverages, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and other products.

The resulting nanoemulsions created with Ultra Shear Technology (UST) will:
  • Have superior aesthetic, texture, stability, and overall quality when used in creams, food, beverages, etc.
  • Greatly increase CBD absorption, resulting in significantly improved bioavailability
  • Enable safer and more accurate dosing of all CBD-infused products
  • Provide a significant cost savings for both manufacturers and consumers
  • Require only small amounts of FDA-approved food grade stabilizers

UST Platform | BaroShear K45

  • With a throughput of approximately 1 liter per hour, the BaroShear K45 is well suited for processing small to moderate amounts of CBD oil to nanoemulsion levels with minimal product loss.

  • UST processing, combined with built-in temperature control can destroy spoilage organisms and harmful pathogens.

  • The proprietary features of the BaroShear K45 provide a highly controlled manufacturing process, yielding a more uniform and higher quality product than other shearing devices 

The Patented NanoGap Valve transforms pressure energy into shear energy to produce high quality, long shelf stable nanoemulsions. For CBD Oil, nanoemulsions offer superior water solubility and increased bioavailability for improved absorption.

Cannabis Brightline Article Highlights Potential of PBI's UST Platform to Play Significant Role in Multiple Billion Dollar Markets - Including CBD, Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, and Food/Beverage.

New Order for Six BaroShear K45 Systems Brings Total to Nine Orders Received for Company's New Ultra Shear Technology Based Platform. Additional Orders Expected Shortly Would Sell Out Planned Initial Build of 12 Systems, with Approximate Total Value of $2.4 Million.

Pressure BioSciences, Inc., participates in USDA / NIFA Food Manufacturing Technologies Virtual Annual Grantees Conference on August 12 with its UltraShear Technology

To learn more about this Advanced High-Pressure and Shearing Technology for Cell Disruption and Homogenization applications by research, formulation, and production personnel in Cosmetic, Food & Beverage, Nutraceutical, and Life Science markets, please visit our page to watch the short descriptive video.