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Financial Marketing Forecast for 2020

In this report, you'll hear what Financial Marketers are prioritizing for 2020. Over the past five years, financial marketing has undergone massive transformation in the digital tools they use to market to their customers and prospects. Today’s marketers are moving away from programmatic display and are refocusing their efforts on content marketing and techniques that drive leads and retain customers. 

Marketers plan to make major changes to their marketing in 2020, including bringing more work in-house. Nearly 60% of respondents agreed that they would take more of the workload in-house in 2020, with many saying they'll consolidate work to one-stop shops.  

Marketers also plan to increase their marketing budgets in 2020.  Those surveyed, on average, expect to increase their budgets by 10% in 2020 but still feel that it’s hard to accomplish everything they want to with the increase.

This white paper will explore the following key trends:

  • Budgets for 2020 and where the money is going 
  • What customers value the most from financial brands 
  • How marketers perceive their agencies 
  • The challenges they expect to face in 2020 
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