Susan EtlingerA Culture of Contentreport cover

By Rebecca Lieb, Industry Analyst and Jessica Groopman, Senior Researcher




For content strategists at medium to large enterprises, and others who are involved in content marketing and content strategy, including those in Marketing, Communications, Social Media, Digital, Service, Sales, and Product


Table of Contents

• Definition of Culture of Content

• Why the Culture of Content is Emergent Now

• The Anatomy of a Culture of Content: Inspiration, People, Process and Content


Executive Summary

Companies that evangelize, reinforce, and institutionalize the importance of content throughout and beyond the marketing organization are more successful not only across their marketing initiatives but also with other internal and external success benchmarks, such as sales, employee advocacy, customer service, audience engagement, thought leadership, and hiring.

When content becomes an ingrained element of an enterprise’s culture, the culture functions like a well-oiled engine, producing, circulating, and begetting content, creating numerous efficiencies in the process.



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