Susan EtlingerStrengthening Employee Relationships in the Digital Era:
How Employee Engagement and Advocacy Transform Organizations  report cover

By Charlene Li, Principal Analyst



For strategists and executives at medium to large enterprises involved in employee engagement strategies

Table of Contents

• The Dismal State of Employee Engagement and Advocacy

• Defining Digital Employee Engagement

• Leveraging Employee Engagement to Drive Business Impact

• The Transformational Power of Employee Engagement

Executive Summary

Employees are disengaged at work, and organizations have been exploring how social and digital technologies can address this problem. But Altimeter found that only 46% of organizations believe they take a strategic approach to employee engagement, while only 43% believe they have an organizational culture of trust and empowerment. Our research found that leading organizations with strong digital employee engagement take a page out of marketing’s deep expertise around digital customer engagement and apply it inside the organization by injecting marketing expertise, practices, and technologies into its practices. The end result: These organizations drive business impact and cultural change through their employees.


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