The Inevitability of a Mobile-Only Customer Experience Susan Etlingerreport cover

By  Brian Solis, Principal Analyst and Jaimy Szymanski, Senior Researcher




For digital marketing executives and strategists involved in planning, strategizing, and designing mobile customer experiences.


Table of Contents

• Brands That See Mobile as the “Second Screen” Risk Losing Relevance With Connected Customers

• Brands Fall Prey to “Mediumism,” Prioritizing Shiny Objects Over Customer Needs and Goals

• Customer Experience Needs an Owner to Optimize Multiple Journeys, Creating One Fluid and Remarkable Experience

• Four Steps to Creating Mobile-First Customer Experiences


Executive Summary

Customers are becoming increasingly mobile, and, as a result, the customer journey is in need of an overhaul. In this report, Altimeter Group focuses on how organizations can approach mobile design strategy through the lens of the evolving connected customer. Focusing on activities and outcomes with an understanding of consumer needs, objectives, and behaviors, companies are able to see past mobile as the latest “bright, shiny object.”

Following the four steps to building customer-centric mobile strategies outlined in this report, leaders can evolve mobile beyond being “just” another digital screen or channel to achieve greater business results.


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