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RAMP is the latest product innovation brought to you by patientNOW. In development for over 3 years, this revolutionary, first-of-it’s-kind tool ensures no new lead is ever lost after an incoming contact form is submitted from your website(s), social medial properties, or third party referral sources.

Fully integrated with your patientNOW EMR and practice management software, RAMP captures the vitals from each new inquiry submission, and automatically enters your new lead as a “contact” in patientNOW
instantly and accurately.

Simultaneously, RAMP intuitively places your new contact on a PathwayTM to begin receiving instant, nurturing communication based on their area of cosmetic interest. Within moments, you are already starting to build a relationship with your new contact and close the gap to a new patient conversion. Nurturing communication can be set up to credential, educate, and inform prospects about your procedures, your providers, and your practice.

Once a new contact is created, your designated patient coordinator will receive a text alert that a new prospect needs attention. They will have a full contact record ready for their review within patientNOW
making the process easier and more intuitive.

Your patient coordinator can reach out instantly, even after hours or over weekends, to continue to engage the lead while interest level is still fresh and high
putting you on the express lane for faster conversions and less lead loss.

We developed RAMP to give practices peace of mind. You’ve spent MUCH (both in time and money) building your expertise and your business. You shouldn’t have to worry about losing leads when technology is able to assist.

What is


A contact form is completed and submitted
regarding a procedure of interest.

Follow up with 100% of your web inquiries within minutes, and never have another lead fall through the cracks again.

the first and only fully automated tool to capture and nurture 100% of leads for immediate fast track conversion.


RAMP immediately begins a series of automatic, nurturing, and engaging communications with your new inquiry.

Within 5 minutes,
your contact receives their first personalized PathwaysTM e-mail and/or text message(s), tailored to their specific area of interest.



RAMP captures the vitals from each new inquiry submission, and automatically enters your new lead as a “contact” in patientNOW- instantly and accurately.
At the same time, RAMP assigns a new task for your Patient Coordinator-notifying them that a new prospect has been assigned for follow up.