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Tips For Starting Your Holiday Marketing

Ready to kick off the season strong? Check out these tips!
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This webinar aired on October 26, 2016 by Caz Bevan and Sani Nielson

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Tip #1: Test Your Website For A Higher Traffic Load & Mobile Usability

Tip #2: Test Emails & Social Posts (Desktop & Mobile)

Tip #3: Create Mobile Specific Advertisements

Tip #4: Create A Strong Email Campaign

Tip #5: This is what you SEO-ed for

Tip #6: Be Personal Social Media Posts Emails Suggestions Customer Service

Tip #7: Be Reliable Product Availability Email Response Social Media Response Email Delivery Expected Promos

Tip #8: Reconsider How To Be Social

Tip #9: Be Here, Now Being Personable Also Means Being Real... In Real-Time

Tip #10: Relax You’re ahead of the game… enjoy your holidays!