Real-Time Visibility & Improved Productivity 

Virtek announces a groundbreaking partnership that will enable aerospace manufacturers to integrate their Laser Projection Systems with Industrial IoT Manufacturing Optimization Solutions.

Users of Virtek’s LaserEdge® ply layup system can dramatically improve productivity by tracking work in process, assets and materials in real time by combining Plataine’s Total Production Optimization (TPO) software.


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Virtek's LaserEdge system helps eliminate the use of physical templates, productivity of the layup process improves by as much as 50 percent. Paired with Plataine’s IIoT manufacturing optimization solution will provide AI-based Digital Assistants that increase production throughput and improve on-time delivery, and quality of parts. 
  • Increase Manufacturing Throughput
  • Improved on-time Delivery
  • Enhanced Quality Control 
  • Reduced Re-Work
  • Less Skilled Labour Required

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