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Practical Applications of Multivariate Conditional Simulation To Improve Your Resource Modelling

How well have you optimised your drillhole spacing? How much money are you wasting in overdrilling?

In this webinar we will explore the practical application of MCS and how it can be used to improve decision making during resource definition. 

Our streamlined MCS component combines several advanced geostatistical processes into one simple workflow that produces robust, validated results without any of the hassle of managing complex dataflows. 

See how you can leverage the value of simulation in your decision making for your multivariate deposit by joining us for this live webinar, where we'll also explore how this feature is used in the next release of Supervisor, 8.14 in the coming months. 

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Oscar Rondon

Principal Geostatistician 
MSc, Geostatistics, PhD, Mathematics, FAusIMM (CP)

Oscar is a skilled geostatistician and researcher with over 18 years of combined experience in the Oil & Gas and Mining industries. His experience in the Mining industry comprises resource estimation and applications of multivariate conditional simulation and uniform conditioning, change of support and non-linear geostatistical techniques within a range of different commodities and mineralisation styles. Oscar has a strong theoretical background which combined with his vast working experience as consultant has allowed him to customise, develop and facilitate geostatistical training courses worldwide.

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