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Breakfast Panel Discussion

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Join us on Tuesday March 10th for a Breakfast Panel Event as part of the Great Thinkers Community in mineral resources. In this session, we'll be discussing Transparency and Standardisation in Metal Reconciliation Reporting.

One would argue that how well an operation converts its resources to reserves and ultimately recovers its metal, represents as equally an important a benchmark as either unit cost or total output. Accordingly, until such time as formal reconciliation factors are established and published annually, fundamental questions regarding operational transparency and operational performance across the resource sector are likely to continue.  Are we simply waiting for standards and transparency to be legislated?  Is that right? Or should we as an industry be leading ourselves?

Questions for the panel include: 

  • As professionals, are we comfortable with current reporting structures?
  • What are the implications of reporting reconciliation results with full transparency?
  • Is the status quo sustainable?
  • Are we simply waiting for standards and transparency to be legislated?
  • How do we gain alignment across the industry?
  • How do we as community lead the change?

Moderated by Steve Loach, BHP, we expect a lively discussion along with a hot breakfast, tea and coffee.

Date & Time: 7.00am for a 7.30am start - 9.00am, Tuesday 10th March

Venue: Flux, Perth CBD - 191 St Georges Tce 

Our Expert Moderator and Panellists include:

Steve Loach

Steve Loach  - Senior Project Geologist, Reconciliations, WAOI - BHP


With over 25 years experience in the resources industry, Steve has strong skills in Gold, Nickel and Iron Ore mining. Recognised as a leading expert in the field of Geological Reconciliation, he is also the lead author of the BHP Global Standard for Geological Reconciliations. In addition to project duties within Western Australian Iron Ore, he is frequently called on to assist with reconciliation related matters by the highest levels of management within BHP, having completed projects in Nickel West, Olympic Dam, BMA Coal and Minerals Australia. He has a MSc in Ore Deposit Geology from The University of Western Australia.

Contact Steve: LinkedIn 

Heath Arvidson

Heath Arvidson  - Mining Solutions Manager - K2Fly


Heath has over 30 years experience in reconciliation, mining and resource geology for a variety of commodities including gold, iron ore, mineral sands, silver-lead-zinc, nickel, diamonds, coal and platinum. His passions include but are not limited to People Development, Change Management, Strategic Planning, Resource and Mining Geology, Mine Value Chain Reconciliation, Technology, Integrating Discipline streams on projects and Data Management. He is currently studying Philosophy at UWA in addition to his professional pursuits.

Contact Heath: LinkedIn 

Bill Shaw

Bill Shaw – Managing Director and Principal Consultant - Ore Control


Bill is a very experienced and internationally respected mining professional who is a world leader and well-regarded expert in the field of mining grade control. His career has seen him in most types of mines in all parts of the world where he has been involved in project evaluation, feasibility studies, resource and reserve estimation, grade control, mining geology and mine operational improvement. He has written over 50 technical papers including many on developing the science of Mining Grade Control, Reconciliation and Ore Control. From 2014 - 2019, he was also President of the Australian Geoscience Council, a role that provides leadership to the AGC, the Peak Council of geoscientists in Australia. 

Contact Bill: LinkedIn 

Malcolm Jolly

Malcolm Jolly - Manager Regional Geology - Gold Fields


Malcolm has broad based mining experience covering all aspects of the mining value chain from exploration, mine geology, modeling, reconciliation, processing and mine management including strategy, communication & execution. His specialties include: Mining & economic geology, exploration, strategy & implementation, mine planning, reconciliation, business optimisation & mine management. 

Contact Malcolm: LinkedIn 

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John Visser -  Principal Engineer / Owner - Johen Consulting


John is an experienced Engineer, who loves to solve problems and give back to the industry and Australia. With a background in Advisory roles, Metallurgy and Business Development, John has worked at big names such as Rio Tinto, African Rainbow Minerals, GRD Minproc and more. John is a co-author for the Australian Government's "Airborne Contaminants Noise & Vibration Handbook".

Contact John: LinkedIn

Rayleen Hargreaves

Rayleen Hargreaves -  Principal Consultant, Product Owner - Reconcilor - Snowden


Rayleen is a mining geologist with over 20 years’ experience in the resource industry. Rayleen has been involved with onsite implementation and administration of Reconcilor for the past 14 years and has significant expertise in mine site reconciliation. Utilising her strong domain expertise, Rayleen is the Product Owner of Reconcilor, providing a leadership role within the Research and Development team, ensuring delivery of software features and functionality that meets the needs of key stakeholders.

Contact Rayleen: LinkedIn

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We look forward to seeing you at the event! 

The Snowden Team

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