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Friction Factor Study of 15 Top-Tier Retail Chains
Today’s customers want an on-demand experience, the information to make informed decisions, and the service that is necessary for them to get the most out of their purchases. Since the ideal customer experience can require a seamless blending of the physical and digital worlds, knowing where, how and when to look for potential friction in the customer experience is paramount.

Our report, Customer-Driven Commerce Generates Friction Challenges in the Retail Industry: A Customer Friction Factor study of 15 top-tier retail chains, reviews the results of an NTT DATA Services study of fifteen top-tier retail companies. Using our unique analytical approach, we measured customer friction for each company across five categories, assigning them a numerical score (lower scores are better). Our results affirm and reinforce the proposition that you can improve business outcomes by lowering customer friction—and this report gives you the insights you need to succeed.

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