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Join us for a webinar:
How Strong is Your Human Firewall?
Best Practices for Phishing Readiness

Tuesday, 19th February 2019
Time: 10:00 AM EST & 3:00 PM GMT
 30 minutes

Arguably, human error remains the weakest link in the security chain of any business, with hackers using increasingly deceiving tactics to exploit employees. Social engineering and phishing attacks gain the trust of users, encouraging them to grant hackers access to confidential information, click on malicious links, and fill out their details on bogus websites. Along with the use of various security tools that are available to firms to combat these attacks, it is fundamental for employees to be aware of the ongoing role they play in the cybersecurity of their firm. The most effective path to awareness is through training and repetition, as hackers only need to be right once to cause irreparable damage. 

Join security experts from Eze Castle Integration for a webinar on Tuesday, 19th February to listen in on best practices for phishing readiness. Key discussion points include: 

• Social engineering in today’s threat landscape 
• Common phishing techniques and how to avoid getting hooked 
• Managed phishing and training to strengthen your human firewall 
• A checklist for complete phishing readiness 

Speakers from Eze Castle Integration: 
• Matt Donahue, Business Continuity & Data Privacy Consultant 
• Jeremy Ross, Business Continuity & Data Privacy Consultant

• Amisha Shah, Marketing Executive



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